We offer a unique and fun experience for animal lovers of all ages.

dog friendly cafe

Dog Friendly Cafe

At Paws Up, we believe that our fur-babies deserve nothing but the best. From a brunch date to a trip to restock your best-friends’ treats, we have everything your pooches need to live the best dream. 

We also offer a variety of professional services such dog grooming, doggie day care and many more. Our team is highly experienced and internationally certified to take care of your pets’ needs.

So come on down to Paws Up Café today, we are your one stop shop for an unique pawsome date!

Come explore what makes our café’s menu so special

Our menu is designed to appeal to both humans and dogs, with a variety of healthy and delicious choices to pick and enjoy. Our unique doggie menu only use human-grade ingredients, made fresh onsite for our best friends’ nutritional needs.

dog friendly cafe
dog friendly cafe

Your Dog Deserves The Best

If you are looking for a best place that will treat your dogs the best, look no further. Our variety of extensive retail range, will suit all your doggos’ needs. Our outdoor area is securely fitted with fences where you can comfortably celebrate a special day!

Keep your dog looking and feeling their best with our professional services

At Paws Up, your dogs’ needs are always our top priority. From something as little as a nail trim to as fancy as a hair cut make over, our professional stylists are here to assist. For the time where you needed extra care, we also have doggie day care onsite to will help you for a last-minute care. Don’t wait, get in touch today!

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